Thursday, November 4, 2010

Autumn is in the Air

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I spent almost the entire day cleaning and doing laundry. After a day like that, I felt I deserved some time to work on some projects. A day's hard work should be rewarded, right!? I actually got some fall cards made. I got four made last night and I was so proud of them.

My mom and I have turned her kitchen into a creative studio. We brought tables in and she has her space to sew, while I have my space to scrapbook! It's great. We spend most all of the weekends there, and it's great to talk to someone about our projects while we work. We also love the fact that our 3 little dachshunds, Mickey, Tiller, and Danner like to join us while we work. They love to sleep on their blankets underneath our tables.

Below are pictures of the cards I completed last night. Today, I hope to get started on my Christmas cards. I have to make 10 for a swap I am in on the Provocraft Messageboard. There are such nice ladies on that forum.

Happy scrapping, I hope everyone has a great fall day.



  1. Where'd you find the info about the swap on the boards? I've been looking to get in on one and haven't seen anything!! :-)

  2. Carol, I just go to the sub forum "RAK and Swaps." There are a ton on there, but you have to watch closely for new ones to open. Most of the time I'll see a really cool one, but it will already be closed. I check often to make sure when I find one that I can join before they are closed. You should try one. They are so much fun. You can swap items or something you've made, it's great!

  3. Hi Sarah! I love your cards! The colors and papers are perfect for the season :)

    I found your blog thru the Cricut message boards and am now a follower!

    I am trying to get more followers on my new blog adventure and would love to have you stop by.

    Thanks alot,